Decorative Floral Vases | Metal Multi Size Set of 3

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Metal Vases only, decor must be purchased separately.  This gives you the option to add any decorative decor of your own. We do sell a variety of florals for separate purchase to make your own floral. Please contact us for a custom set.

All Dec'd Out is a premium designer, manufacturer & importer of hand-picked, luxury handcrafts, gift items and other decorative accessories for your home. Jennifer has collected home decor for more than 15 years.  She still collects and features her work in new model homes, various trade shows in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, & Texas. She also has a store-front located in Wichita, Ks, and a professional interior decorating business and has done local business for more than 15 years.

- We value our customers here at all All Dec'd Out Boutique, and we want to provide you with one of a kind items that warm up your home and set the standard for luxury home decor. Have questions about our products? Please see our contact page and give us a call. Thanks!

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Product Specification

Small Vase - Depth 19", Tall 21", Wide 8", 4.5 LBS

Medium Vase - Depth 25", Tall 27", Wide 10" 5.5 LBS

Large Vase - Depth 30" Tall 32", Wide 12" 7 LBS