Glenda Turley

Glenda Turley "Peeping Tom" Limited Edition 1838/5000 Limited Edition Handsingned

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Authentic "Peeping Tom" By Glenda Turley, Absolutely beautiful, its all about the perspective, that's what makes this fine art. Depending on the perspective of the viewer, makes the entire perspective different from the cats "I'm assuming Tom's" perspective. Also, it appears that the entire painting shifts also it's very cool and illusion like . Glenda is retired, and no longer making art after a long successful career, fine art collector's are holding on to her art, if it's real you most likely won't find another one for sale, Keep in mind 5000 "Peeping Tom" hand signed, her art, this piece specifically will appreciate, and compound appreciation over time no telling the potential value in the future. 


Exerpt from Arkansas Art Magazine -

J.C. Penney had already been selling Turley’s framed artwork, and the company wanted textiles to match.

“For 10 wonderful years, my designs were on bedspreads, comforters, bed sheets, table covers, curtains, rugs, shower curtains, towels, wall paper borders and other decorative items that matched,” Turley said. “It was so exciting to see it in all the stores and in their catalogs.”

It was an exclusive for J.C. Penney in the 1990s, and Turley said when the company’s buyers were replaced, so were her textiles. Turley said it was difficult not to be disappointed, but with all her success, she said she couldn’t complain.